Freedom Vine

New Free Speech Social Media Platform Launching Early 2017

Mission; Combat Liberal Bias And Censorship In Media And Social Media


Freedom Vine, a new, revolutionary online social media platform based on the First Amendment announces the start of its media campaign to launch the new platform in early 2017. The mission; to combat the growing discrimination, harassment, censorship and liberal bias in media and social media and protect the First Amendment rights of freedom-loving Americans and news sites.


Top Republican Strategist Scottie Nell Hughes is the national spokesperson for Freedom Vine and said “Liberal bias, harassment, discrimination and censorship have been very up-front and personal for me, especially the past year and a half. Thank goodness we will all have a new platform soon where freedom-minded people can go to organize to get the news they want from all of their favorite news sources and also communicate with one another without the constant liberal bias, harassment and censorship they currently see on a daily basis. It is time the free market and freedom-loving Americans bust the liberal media and social media monopoly. The consequences of doing nothing are truly frightening. It’s high time we freedom-loving Americans get together to MAKE MEDIA FAIR AGAIN”.


The comprehensive new social media platform is being developed and launched by Red Audience LLC in early 2017 and will be 100% free for members. A waiting list and newsletter updates for Charter Members has started forming by people signing up at It also has produced and released a professionally done commercial that can be seen here at


Red Audience LLC’s CEO is Todd Cefaratti. Cefaratti founded, organized and led one of the largest national Tea Party organizations, in 2009 consisting of millions of members. Cefaratti has worked on Capitol Hill with Senators And Congressmen for 7 years to advance the tea party movement’s principles of freedom and liberty. Cefaratti said “We have all seen this liberal bias and censorship pattern grow and develop in media and social media for quite some time now which is why we felt we had no choice but to develop Freedom Vine for the sake of the First Amendment and all freedom-loving Americans. Freedom Vine has been in development now for almost 2 years with hundreds of thousands of dollars already invested and much more committed to its continued development. The social platform is at 80% completion and will be ready to launch in early 2017”.


As WikiLeaks recently confirmed; established media and social media outlets are not only suppressing conservative, libertarian and other independent voices, these outlets are skewing news stories to serve their own purposes.  Tools like “quality filters” and the removal of “fake news sites” have started to be used as a form of censorship by those who oppose free speech.  Their reason is power and politics.


Hughes added of Freedom Vine, “America must have a new social network that truly values freedom of speech and the First Amendment. In Europe, major social media companies are negotiating now with governments to block, censor and punish what THEY deem as “hate speech”, to assume more control over the public. We cannot allow this in America. It is a huge undertaking to take on these liberal corporate giants, but we have to do it.” Hughes also added, “Now after the left has lost the presidential election, the senate, the house, governorships, state legislatures and soon to be the Supreme Court, the progressive media and social media monopolies are in complete panic and attack mode. They are already discussing things like “removing” websites they deem as “responsible” for that loss because they are “fake”. This is an extremely dangerous precedent and exactly why we have founded Freedom Vine. If we do not give freedom-loving Americans an alternative to view the news they want uncensored and also be able to share and discuss what they want to discuss without the fear of being shut down, where will we all be in the next 5, 10 or 15 years? It appears George Orwell may have been on to something in his book 1984. Our hope for Freedom Vine is to be a revolutionary new free tool which saves the First Amendment by supporting freedom loving news sites out there and the free exchange of thought by Americans as well. A social media platform where we grow together, invest in our own communities and our beliefs in freedom. Freedom Vine will be more than just a new social media platform. It will be an ongoing movement of millions of freedom-loving Americans, not unlike the Tea Party movement or more recently the Trump movement, where citizens rise up together against the establishment to protect against oppression – In this case – the progressive “mainstream” media and social media monopolies that have developed. Let’s make media fair again”!

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