It’s Time To Make Social Media Fair Again

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What is Freedom Vine?

New Free Speech Social Media Platform Launching Early 2017

Mission; Combat Liberal Bias And Censorship In Media And Social Media


Freedom Vine, a new, revolutionary online social media platform based on the First Amendment announces the start of its media campaign to launch the new platform in early 2017. The mission; to combat the growing discrimination, harassment, censorship and liberal bias in media and social media and protect the First Amendment rights of freedom-loving Americans and news sites.

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Why Freedom Vine?

As WikiLeaks recently confirmed; established media and social media outlets are not only suppressing conservative, libertarian and other independent voices, these outlets are skewing news stories to serve their own purposes.  Tools like “quality filters” and the removal of “fake news sites” have started to be used as a form of censorship by those who oppose free speech.  Their reason is power and politics.

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